Getting Involved

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Neuroscience Education: Urban & Rural Outreach (N.E.U.R.O) is a group of Ohio State University graduate and undergradute students who share the desire to  promote neuroscience literacy in the general public. NEURO partners with local libraries and after-school programs to implement outreach events  within underserved public schools in central Ohio. A primary goal of the program is to demystify neuroscience at an age where students are beginning to  form lifelong interests, and thereby kindle an interest in basic scientific research using a hands-on, experimentally driven approach. NEURO hosts events once a month throughout the year and participates at Brain Awareness Week at COSI once a year. For more information about joining NEURO, contact Sarah Light or Nicki Pukos. Jump right in and start volunteering with us- add your name to the sign-up sheet for upcoming events!

If you are interested in representing our program and being a voice advocating for yourself and fellow graduate students, get involved with the Council of Graduate Students. You can become a delegate for the program, serve as a senator, or join one of many committees that focus on individual issues like diversity & inclusion and career development. The current CGS rep for NGP is Kyle Sullivan - contact him for more information about getting involved.

Along with speakers invited by faculty, each year NGP students invite and host several pre-eminent researchers to speak on campus. The Student Seminar Committee meets once a year in the fall semester to prioritize a list of those researchers that we are most excited to invite for the following year. For more information about how to get involved, contact Sam Powers.

2017-18 Invited Speakers: Michael Rosbash, Louis Ptacek, Arturo Alvarez-Bullya, Constance Cepko, and Sandhya Koushika

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The Neuroscience Graduate Student Organization (NGSO) was officially formed in January of 2017 to enhance the experience of  graduate students as they move through the program. Participation as a member or committee chair is open to students of all years. The goal of this organization is to ensure that each person has a positive and rewarding experience in the program, both in and out of the lab, in the following ways.

  • Monthly happy hours and social events/outings open to all NGP students
  • Establishing resources for professional and career development
  • Community service and outreach opportunities
  • Fostering cooperation & integration with other IGP programs.

For more information about NGSO, upcoming events, and the details of the next meeting, visit our website.