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Social ties could preserve memory, slow brain aging

June 12, 2018
People playing cards

Study in mice finds living in groups a boon to cognitive health

By: Misti Crane
Published on May 31, 2018
COLUMBUS, Ohio – A strong social network could be the key to preserving memory.
New research from The Ohio State

​Ibuprofen may block damage from fetal-alcohol exposure

March 21, 2018
Professor of psychology Derick Lindquist

Animal study suggests fighting inflammation in brain might help

By: Misti Crane
Published on November 14, 2017
COLUMBUS, Ohio – An anti-inflammatory drug may have the potential to stall the damaging effects of alcohol on the fetal brain, a

Superhuman “night” vision during the total eclipse?

March 21, 2018
Neuroscience Researcher Stuart Mangel

Ohio State research offers a biological explanation

By: Misti Crane
Published on September 05, 2017
COLUMBUS, Ohio – If you were fortunate enough to witness the recent total solar eclipse in all its glory, you might have noticed something s




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