Daniela Jimenez-Harrison

Daniela Jimenez-Harrison

Daniela Jimenez-Harrison

CO-Advisors: Jeff Kuret & Ruth Barrientos


107 Rightmire Hall
1060 Carmack Road
Columbus, OH 43210

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Areas of Expertise

  • Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience


  • BS in Integrative Neuroscience (2014), Binghamton University


I’m interested in exploring the interaction between chaperone proteins and tau aggregates in the context of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Our lab is also interested in the selective vulnerability to tau lesions during the course of AD.


Liu M, Sui D, Dexheimer T, Hovde S, Deng X, Wang KW, Lin HL, Chien HT, Kweon HK, Kuo NS, Ayoub CA, Jimenez-Harrison D, Andrews PC, Kwok R, Bochar DA, Kuret J, Fortin J, Tsay YG, Kuo MH. (2020) Hyperphosphorylation Renders Tau Prone to Aggregate and to Cause Cell Death. Mol Neurobiol. 57(11):4704-4719.

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