Isabella Palazzo

Advisor: Andy Fischer
Graduate Student



My resaearch interestes are currently focused on understanding mechanisms that mediate retinal regeneration. Currently, my work in the Fischer lab focuses on retinal regeneration via Muller glia, the primary glial cell of the retina. Muller glia have the capacity to dedifferentiate and proliferate as progenitor cells prior to giving rise to new neuron populations. More specifically, my interests lie in understanding the complex network of cell signaling pathways that are involved in Muller glia cell reprogramming and neurogenesis after retinal disease or injury.


2017 - University Fellowship, Ohio State University

2016 - Travel Grant for Explorations in Neuroscience Camp volunteer, Department of Neuroscience


Todd, L., Palazzo, I., Squires, N., Mendonca, N. & Fischer A.J. (2017). BMP- and TGFB- signaling regulate the formation of Muller glia-derived progenitor cells in the avian retina. Glia, 65(10): 1640-55.


Palazzo,I., Deistler, K., & Fischer, A.J. (2017). The role of NF-κB signaling in the formation of Müller glia-derived progenitor cells in the avian retina. 2017 ARVO Annual Meeting, Global connections in vision research, May 7-11, 2017.

Areas of Expertise
  • Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience

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