Kyle Sullivan

Kyle Sullivan

Kyle Sullivan

Co-Advisors: Karl Obrietan and Leah Pyter

(614) 292-4420

4030 Graves Hall
333 W. 10th Avenue
Columbus, OH

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Areas of Expertise

  • Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience
  • Behavioral Neuroscience


  • BS in Neuroscience and Computer Science, University of Virginia


I am interested in how circadian rhythms of gene expression in the brain affect memory and other cognitive processes. Further, I am examining the effects of a mouse model of non-metastatic breast cancer on a variety of rhythmic physiological processes, as well as the effects of chemotherapy on these rhythms. To answer these questions, I utilize a variety of molecular and behavioral techniques to quantify 24-hour rhythms throughout the body.


Wheaton, K., Aten, S., Queiroz, L. S., Sullivan, K., Oberdick, J., Hoyt, K. R., & Obrietan, K. (2018). Circadian expression and functional characterization of PEA‐15 within the mouse suprachiasmatic nucleus. European Journal of Neuroscience.

Snider, K. H., Sullivan, K. A., & Obrietan, K. (2018). Circadian Regulation of Hippocampal-Dependent Memory: Circuits, Synapses, and Molecular Mechanisms. Neural plasticity, 2018.


Circadian physiological parameters in breast cancer patient and survivor mouse models. Sullivan, K.A., Bever, S.R., Strehle, L.D., Haynes, B., Hilvert, A.M., McKim, D., Godbout, J.P., Sheridan, J.F., Obrietan, K., & Pyter, L.M. The Ohio State University Interdisciplinary Graduate Program (IGP) Symposium, May 30, 2018.

Expression and functional characterization of PEA-15 within the suprachiasmatic nucleus. ASPET 2017. Kelin Wheaton, Lucas Sales Queiroz, Kyle Sullivan, Karl Obrietan, Kari Hoyt. The FASEB Journal, vol 31 (1 Supplement): 813.4-813.4.

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