Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience

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Explore the exciting research happening in molecular and cellular neuroscience by NGP faculty:

Candice Askwith, PhD
Ion channels in synaptic plasticity and sensory transduction: Acid-sensing ion channel (ASIC) function, structure, and role in synaptic physiology.


Anthony Brown, PhD
The mechanism of slow axonal transport

Andrew Fischer, PhD
Development, regeneration and survival of cells in the neurosensory tissue of the eye, the retina.

Chen Gu, PhD
Ion channel trafficking and neurological disease

Jeff Kuret, PhD
Molecular mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's disease.

Jessica Lerch, PhD
Gene expression regulation in the context of axon regeneration and neuropathic pain development.

C.L. Glenn Lin, PhD
Pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases - abnormal RNA processing; biology of glutamate transporters.

Paul Martin, PhD
Understanding the role of glycoyslation in synapse formation and muscular dystrophy.

Kirk Mykytyn, PhD
The physiology and pathophysiology of neuronal cilia and ciliary signaling in the mammalian brain.

Karl Obrietan, PhD
Neurological disorders, Neuronal signaling, and Circadian clocks.

Yingjie Shen, PhD
Understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms of CNS injuries and degenerative diseases. 

Soon Ok Yoon, PhD
Signal transduction of apoptosis, mechanisms of RacGTPase/RhoGTPase regulation in vitro and in vivo, transgenic mice model of apoptosis using spinal cord injury/cortical axotomy as paradigms, transgenic mice model of RhoGTPase regulation during neuronal development and regeneration after CNS injury , and molecular mechanisms of myelination.

Min Zhou, MD, PhD
Astrocyte potassium and gap junction channels and their involvement in stroke pathology.