Stress and Neuroimmunology

Stressed brainExplore the exciting research happening in stress and neuroimmunology by NGP faculty:

A. Courtney DeVries, PhD
Effects of social stress on the histological and behavioral consequences of experimental stroke (focal cerebral ischemia) in mice.

Jonathan Godbout, PhD
Understand how age-associated changes in the central nervous system impair the functional interaction between the brain and the immune system.

Kathryn Lenz, PhD
Understand the mechanisms that shape brain development and lifelong behavior, with a focus on the interactions between nervous, endocrine and immune systems.

Jessica Lerch, PhD
Gene expression regulation in the context of axon regeneration and neuropathic pain development.

Amy Lovett-Racke, PhD
Characterizing encephalitogenic T cells and developing therapeutics that target these cells.

Phillip Popovich, PhD
Neuroimmunology of spinal cord injury, immunological influences on neuronal degeneration and regeneration, neuroendocrine influences (e.g., stress/HPA axis activation) on inflammatory mediated injury/repair of the CNS.

Leah Pyter, PhD
Determine the immune/inflammatory mechanisms by which cancer and stress delay the healing of wounds caused by cancer treatments (surgery, radiation, etc.).

Ning Quan, PhD
Pathophysiology of neuroimmune communication.

Michael Racke, MD
Understanding how inflammation gets established in the central nervous system and developing novel therapeutics by studying the animal model experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.

Jan Schwab, MD, PhD
Better understand and treat the maladaptive immune response after spinal cord injury.

John Sheridan, PhD
Viral pathogenesis, anti-viral immunity and wound healing.

Zachary Weil, PhD
How traumatic brain injuries predispose individuals to subsequent injuries and long term disability and specifically how changes in brain energy metabolism are dysregulated by injury.