Handbook of Policies and Procedures

This handbook is designed to provide information on the policies, procedures, and requirements of the NGP.


It is the responsibility of the Neuroscience Graduate Program Committee to compile and maintain the NGP Handbook of Policies and Procedures, which lists rules and practices by which the NGP is to be managed.  The Neuroscience Graduate Program Committee will be responsible for updating the NGP Handbook of Policies and Procedures to conform to changes in the Graduate School Handbook or other University policies.

The Neuroscience Graduate Program Committee will accept recommendations from faculty and students for revisions to the Handbook at any time.  Revisions to the Handbook require approval by unanimous vote of the Committee.  If the Committee vote is not unanimous, the changes must be approved by a majority vote of the entire NGP faculty.

Section 1 - Overview and Mission Statement

Section 2 - Administration

Section 3 - Graduate Faculty

Section 4 - Admission

Section 5 - Student Records

Section 6 - Requirements for the PhD in Neuroscience

Section 7 - Course Registration

Section 8 - Academic and Professional Standards

Section 9 - The Dissertation Advisory Committee

Section 10 - Candidacy Examination

Section 11 - Final Doctoral Examination

Section 12 - Petitions and Grievance Procedures

Section 13 - Financial Assistance

Section 14 - Travel Awards

Section 15 - Seminars

Section 16 - Neuroscience Graduate Minor

Section 17 - Miscellaneous


For a less formal guides to navigating the first year of graduate school and completing candidacy, visit the NGSO website for student-written guides.