Section 9: The Dissertation Advisory Committee


In the NGP, the Dissertation Advisory Committee is responsible for administering both the Candidacy Examination and the Final Doctoral Examination.

The Dissertation Advisory Committee consists of the student’s advisor and at least three other Ohio State Graduate Faculty members. The advisor and at least two of the other committee members must be members of the NGP with Category P status in the Graduate School.  Faculty with Category P status in the Graduate School who are not members of the NGP or who work in non-neuroscience fields that are directly related to the student’s research may be appointed if appropriate as the fourth Committee member.  The advisor must serve as the committee chair.  With the approval of the Graduate School, faculty from other universities or non-Graduate Faculty with special academic or technical expertise may be appointed to the Dissertation Advisory Committee. Such members may not serve as one of the four required members of the Committee, and they do not require adjunct appointments.

The Dissertation Advisory Committee is normally established in the student’s second year before the student starts work on the Candidacy Examination*.  Selection of the Dissertation Advisory Committee is the responsibility of the advisor in consultation with the student, but must also be approved by the NGP Director/Co-Directors.  When the student submits the list of proposed Dissertation Advisory Committee members for approval they should include a brief statement explaining the research focus of each proposed committee member and the unique perspective that each brings to the overall committee.  The Dissertation Advisory Committee will normally become the Final Doctoral Examination Committee.  However, changes and additions to the Dissertation Advisory Committee are allowed during the student’s tenure if approved by the NGP graduate studies committee.

In addition to responsibility for the Candidacy Examination* and the Final Doctoral Examination*, the Dissertation Advisory Committee also provides feedback to students during the conduct and planning of their research and is responsible for determining whether or not the student is ready for the Final Doctoral Examination.  Students are required to meet with their Dissertation Advisory Committee at least once each year prior to submission of their dissertation to discuss their research plans and receive feedback on their progress and proposed research.

*Students must submit their committee member names to the program administrator two weeks prior to submitting their application to graduate form to the graduate school.  The same applies to the candidacy exam if members change prior to the examination date.